RPVC Color Inks Price List

Date: 17 Jul 2024

Please note that, because of the difficult situation in the solvents markets, the prices below are updated frequently.
  • RPVC

    For printing on extensible and thermoretractive PVC film.


Tint Name English Name Base Reference Sample
BIANCO White White
BLU PROCESS Process Blue Proces
BLU REFLEX Reflex Blue Reflex
GIALLO TRASPARENTE Transparent Yellow Yellow
MAGENTA Magenta Red Magent
NERO INTENSO Strong Black Black
ROSSO MEDIO 032 Middle Red 032 032 C
RUBINO Rubine Red Rubine
VIOLA Violet Violet
ARANCIO 1505 Orange 1505 1505
GIALLO 012 YELLOW 012 012
ROSSO 186 Red 186 186

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