Color Inks

Inks for printing pressure sensitive adhesive tapes in any kind of plastics or paper.

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If you need further information about the tape printing techniques, you can examine our backgrounder on tape printing.

Explanation of the inks types


    Special polyamidic inks, in concentrated form, designed for the printing of PP tapes, with water based acrylic adhesives, or printable hot-melt PP tapes or printable solvent based PP tapes (including low-noise). Can be used adding our ADDITIVE ST2 (100 pp Ink - 50 pp ADD.) When used without Additive, it is necessary to protect the surface with a release coat (our RELEASE PP 25 DIL.)


  • PP PAM+Add.

    Same as PAMC with additive already included. This special formulation produces a bright and well covering printing, nearly as clear as PAM ink without additive, but with an extraordinary ageing resistance and non blocking effect.



    Ready to use inks specifically developed to print PP adhesive tapes (all types: solvent, hot melt and acrylic) with the three stations printing process (primer, ink, release). Their special formulation is insoluble in the release solvent and it allows a high speed printing process.


  • PP NS

    Nitro-cellulosic inks, in ethyl-acetate solution, for the under-adhesive printing of PP, PE films, used for the production of adhesive tapes. They must be applied on the corona-treated side of the film, before coating with the hot-melt, solvent or water adhesives. COLOR INK NS are suitable with all type of adhesive.

    TDS - MSDS

  • PVC

    For the printing of PVC tapes. Excellent brightness, excellent adhesion and flexibility, excellent resistance to rubbing, excellent printability. Our PVC inks are available in a wide range of shades. Starting from the base colors, the printer can easily reproduce any shade of choice.


  • PVCF

    For the printing of PVC tapes; fluorescent inks series. Excellent brightness, excellent adhesion and flexibility, excellent resistance to rubbing, excellent printability.

    TDS - MSDS

  • RPVC

    For printing on extensible and thermoretractive PVC film.


  • PF

    Temperature resistant inks for flexo or gravure printing process. Characteristics: high concentration of pigments, glossy aspect, fast evaporation, good water and rubbing resistance. These inks have been studied for printing of treated (min. 40 dyne/cm) PE, treated PP, paper, NC treated aluminum and cellophane PT.

    TDS - MSDS

  • WL

    Waterborne inks for labels in paper.


  • WP

    Waterborne bright flexo inks, based on pigments and special synthetic resins, studied for the printing of this materials: paper in general, Kraft papers, flavours and animal food bags, Tester-Liner in short-wave or micro-wave, etc.

    TDS - MSDS

  • WS

    Inks for underprinting.

    TDS - MSDS

  • WK (Papertape)

    Waterborne flexo inks designed for printing adhesive packaging tapes in paper (such as TESA 4313). Medium viscosity. Good scratching resistance.

    TDS - MSDS

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