Policy for Occupational Safety and Environment Pollution Prevention

“Health and safety of workers, along with environmental protection, are key factors for us, equally ranking with product and service quality in our business goal strategy.”

ICHEMCO's management takes utmost account of the above principle while defining choices and targets of the company. Our will is to operate in full respect of safety, health of workers and preservation of the environment.

We are aware that some operations performed exercising our job may present hazards to humans and environment. We use dangerous raw materials, operate at high temperatures, produce several products classified as dangerous according to the current regulations, move goods subject to ADR. Some of these operations are associated with the risk of accident in the event of spillage or accidental contact with people or objects.

Our goal is to prevent, control and eliminate the risks, intervening since the phase of potential risk evaluation.

For all these reasons ICHEMCO:

  • operates respecting in full all laws and regulations that apply to its activity, even those voluntarily subscribed with customers and other third parties involved;
  • frequently verifies the critical aspects of workers’ health and safety;
  • employs adequately trained personnel;
  • has assigned tasks and duties internally, related to:
    • the enforcement of the workers' health and safety legislation,
    • the continuous improvement of safety conditions at work,
    • the personal protection of individuals subjected to the risks;
  • keeps the efficiency of plants and equipment under control, preventing ageing;
  • has instituted an internal task force with specific duties finalized in continuously checking the respect of safety measures, working conditions, individual protection of workers, care for the environment;
  • moves and carries only products that, when used, handled, stored, distributed and disposed in accordance with the applicable requirements, ensure safe conditions to user's health as well as for the environment.

This Safety Policy is publicly available to workers and to all interested people.

March 16, 2016
The General Manager

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