Quality Policy

ICHEMCO operates in the production and marketing of adhesives and chemical products for various industrial sectors. In this competitive and selective environment, the choices and behaviors that determine the quality level of the products and services are crucial for the company’s performance. The customer is central for the success of the Company. It therefore becomes important to get to know him thoroughly, deliver products/services that meet his needs, win his trust and achieve a high level of loyalty and constancy in the commercial relationship. Therefore the principles of the ICHEMCO quality policy are:

  • Improve and consolidate the effectiveness of use and the reputation on the market of the chemical products we produce, therefore:
    • to present ourselves as reliable and constant suppliers,
    • to be ready to collect and develop the explicit and implicit needs of the customer,
    • to research for solutions and products fitting the customer who require customization in the use and application of our products;
  • Identify the third parties interested in our work (customers, employees, suppliers, communities, public entities), understand their needs and requirements and implement the necessary actions to satisfy them, in accordance with the prescriptions of the ISO 9001 standard;
  • Assess the risks associated with carrying out our business, identifying appropriate actions to prevent and eliminate them or at least mitigate them, reducing them to the minimum level of impact on workers, the environment and the community;
  • Consider the development opportunities that can arise from effective business risk management;
  • Comply with the provisions of the law on health and hygiene by employees and figures who access the company for work reasons;
  • The compliance with contractual commitments;
  • The care of communication with the customer;
  • Customer assistance;
  • To obtain an adequate return on the investments made.

We want to put these principles into practice, in compliance with workplace safety legislation and within the framework of a vision oriented towards a future of sustainability, in harmony between industrial production and respect for the environment.

October 25, 2022
The General Manager

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