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Quality Policy

ICHEMCO aims to consolidate and develop its strength on the market through a commitment to consistently enhancing the high level of customer service and promoting a dynamic policy in the product portfolio.

Ichemco is aware of the importance of meeting the demand of its customers. This is the reason we keep on improving our QMS (Quality Management System), in compliance with the UNI ISO standards and harmonized with the EC regulations.

Ichemco's QMS is a strategic strength point of the whole Company. Ichemco intends to achieve the optimization of the economic results, as well as the improvement of the ranking among manufacturers of adhesives for industrial use, through:

  • the capacity to identify and develop customer’s needs concerning products properties and performance;
  • the delivery of products meeting customer’s expectations and in full compliance with all legal  requirements;
  • the efficacy and efficiency of the processes;
  • cost control;
  • the motivation and involvement of all the staff, at all levels.
In detail, we identify the following key objectives for our QMS:
  • constantly improving customers’ assessment of ICHEMCO’s technical skills in developing and realizing products in line with the expected performances;
  • constantly improving on-time delivery performances;
  • constantly improving the quality level of the products, by focusing on:
    • the constant refinement of formulations,
    • maintaining the plant efficiency;
    • proper training of personnel,
    • using top quality raw materials;
  • constantly improving the efficacy of technical assistance given to clients, both R&D and applicative technologies;
  • constantly updating the production department, using cutting edge technologies, in order to increase the productive capacity and the quality level of products;
  • constantly training workers about measures for safe handling of dangerous goods;
  • integrating the Management Systems, implementing a Safety Management System integrated with the already existing Quality and Environment MS’s;
  • increasing and developing the partnership with the Companies we represent and distribute, so to enhance our commercial potential;
  • increasing and developing the sales network, enlarging the group of Sales Representatives and Distributors worldwide;
  • researching and introducing new productive technologies, with lower impact on the environment and better productivity;
  • constantly improving the efficiency of our Information Technology services, for our internal infrastructure (logistic, quality, statistical monitoring), and giving our clients direct access to the information that pertains to them.

The contents of the Quality Policy are reviewed annually, in the context of the Management Review process, in order to confirm the suitability with the objectives and the strategy of our Company.

This Quality Policy is publicly available to workers and to all interested people.

March 16, 2016
The General Manager

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