• 1979 Ichemco establishes in Sedriano (Milan area). Business activity focuses in trading chemicals for the leather, textile, plastic, rubber and adhesive industries.
  • 1982 Acquisition of a production unit in Pogliano Milanese. Manufacturing of primers, antioxidants, acrylic waterborne dispersions and release agent systems in solvent begins.
  • 1989 Ciba-Geigy (later Ciba Specialty Chemicals, now part of the BASF group) appoints Ichemco as the official distributor for the antioxidants division for the Italian adhesive market.
  • 1990 Production of solvent borne self-crosslinking acrylic formulations begins.
  • 1994 After a fire on premises, the Pogliano Milanese plant is completely rebuilt in six months and new machinery is installed, with no interruption of activities.
  • 1997 Ichemco expands its distribution network, achieving a rapid growth into the global PSA market.
  • 2000 Ichemco is appointed as Dow Corning's official distributor.
  • 2003 The company moves to a completely new production site (20,000 sqm) in Cuggiono (Milan). The product portfolio expands to include SIS hot melt PSA's, UV-curable resins and new waterborne release systems for BOPP, PE and PVC.
  • 2007 A modern, environmentally-sustainable process for the manufacturing of the new PVODC release agents in powder is implemented.
  • 2014 New plant for the production of SIS hot melt PSA’s in pillows.

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