Ichemco Internal Test Methods

Softening Point, Ring & Ball

Measure unit:°C
Procedure:Put the rings on a siliconed paper sheet and pour the melt product into each ring, trying to avoid air bubbles . Let the product cool and became solid, levelling the surface with a blade, then let at room temperature for 30 minutes. Put the rings on the structure and the structure into the glycerol bath. The rings must be at 5 cm below the glycerol level Insert the thermometer in the bath, start stirring (speed 500 rpm) and heating. At 30 °C put the steel spheres in the middle of the rings and wait for some minutes (spheres conditioning). Then start heating (temperature gradient = 5 °C/min, check with a cronometer). Read the temperature when the spheres reach the bottom of the structure.
Instruments:Brass rings and structure for R&B measurement 600cc becker filled with glycerol Stirrer Siliconed paper, blade
Recordings:Record the measured temperatures together with sample data
External references:ASTM D36

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