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Ichemco Internal Test Methods

Static Shear

Measure unit:h
Procedure:Clean carefully the test panel with acetone and absorbent cleaning material. Dry the panel with a clean piece of absorbent cleaning material. Avoid contacting panel surface with fingers. From a representative sample of material cut some strips 25 mm wide and minimum 175 mm long. The cuts shall be clean and straight. Place the adhesive coated facing material, adhesive side down, onto a clean test plate using light finger pressure, so that a square of pressure sensitive coated material, 25 mm 25mm, is in actual contact with the surface. Roll once in each direction with the 2 kg hand roller. Fix the free end of the strip to the clip as close as possible to the edge of the plate, folding it and using a stapler. Place the test panel into the rack of jig and attach the 1 Kg weight to the clip, check if the strip is taut and straight. Note the time taken for the strip to part from the plate. Room temperature shall be from 20° to 22°C.
Instruments:Shear Tester Chemsultants (HT8 or HT30) with test panels at an angle of 2°C; PSTC test panel (stainless steel 2' *3'); 1000 g load weight; Clip that will allow the attachment of the mass to the specimen, 2 Kg rubber covered hand roller; 25 mm tape specimen cutter; Acetone and absorbent cleaning material; Stapler.
Recordings:The test result shall be reported in hours together with adhesive sample identifying data.
External references:PSTC-7 (rev. 8/89)

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