Ichemco Internal Test Methods

Peel Adhesion on Steel

Measure unit:N/in
Procedure:Condition a coated sample for about 1 hour at 23+/-2 °C, 50% RH. Clean carefully the test panel with acetone and absorbent cleaning material, avoid contact with fingers. From a representative sample of material, cut some strips (1in wide and 12in long). Apply one end of the specimen to the border of the test panel. Hold the other end of the specimen so that it doesn't go in contact with the panel but is positioned loosely above it. Roll twice in each direction with the Rolldown Machine (12 in/min, 4.5 lbs PSTC rollers) or manually with the Steel roll (2 cycles back and forth, speed about 60 cm/min). Dwell time: 5 minutes. Double back the free end of the strip at an angle of 180°. Fix the panel to the mobile clamp of the peel adhesion tester (or tensile tester), and fix the folded end to the other clamp. Operate the instrument at 12.0 in/min speed and report the average pull value obtained during the peeling.
Instruments:AFERA stainless steel test panel, 2x6 in; Acetone and absorbent cleaning material; ChemInstruments Rolldown Machine (4.5 lbs, 12.0 in/min speed) or 2 kg Steel roll (covered by rubber); ChemInstruments Adhesion/Release Tester (PA-1000-180 or AR-1000), speed 12.0 in/min; 1 in wide tape specimen cutter; Themometer
Recordings:Record the average value in N/in.
External references:AFERA 5001

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