Ichemco Internal Test Methods

Melting Range

Measure unit:°C
Procedure:After having measured the TS, take a small sample of the dried product. Finely crush it in a mortar, then fill the substance into the capillary tube of the device. Compact the product on the bottom of the capillary tube, filling to a minimum height of 3 mm. Insert the capillary tube into the melting point apparatus and start the test method program on the machine. The program is preset with a starting temperature of 70°C and an increase of 1°C per minute (up to a maximum of 120°C). The instrument will record the melting curve, along with a video.
Instruments:Melting point apparatus Mettler Toledo MP70. Glass capillary tubes. Agate mortar and glass tube.
Recordings:The measured melting point/melting range shall be reported together with the sample identification information.
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