Ichemco Internal Test Methods

Total Solids

Measure unit:%
Procedure:A clean tinplate dish is weighed to the nearest mg (W1). 2-3 g of the sample are quickly weighed into the dish and the sample weight recorded to the nearest mg (W2). The content of the dish is spread as evenly as possible over the bottom of the dish by tilting. The dish and its content are then placed in the oven at 110°C for one hour. After that time, the dish is removed from the oven, allowed to cool for 2-3 minutes, and weighed to the nearest mg (W3). Two measurements shall be carried out and the result reported as the average of the two, provided the two measurements do not differ by more than 2%. Total solids content = (W3-W1)/W2*100 %. If the sample total solids content is less than 5%, 10-15 g will be weighed and the two measurements must not differ by more than 0.03%.
Instruments:Analytical scale with 1 mg accuracy. Oven, thermostatically controlled at 110°C. Flat bottomed tinplate dish, 75 mm diameter, 10 mm depth.
Recordings:Report the Total Solids content value in percent (%) along with the sample identification information.
External references:ASTM D 1644

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