Cuggiono, Feb. 23, 2018

Dear Customer/Partner/Supplier,

As you may have heard, on Thursday 22/02/2018 a fire broke out in Ichemco’s solvent department. The situation was quickly brought under control, thanks to our efficient fire extinguishing system and the fire guards intervention. Only one of our workers got away with minor burnings; the rest of us are unharmed.

Production activities have already in the greater part resumed.

Our technical team is now analyzing the situation. It will take few more days to assess the damages and the measures that need to be undertaken.

Should there be any delay one or more of your pending orders, Ichemco’s Customer Service will promptly inform you.

ICHEMCO was established in 1979 with the aim of offering specialty products designed for well-defined industry segments in conjunction with excellent service.

Having started with a wide range of products for pressure sensitive applications, our catalogue has been broadened to include products for adhesive, textile and leather finishing.

Our main target remains the PSA industry. For this, we grant complete know-how and technical service for virtually any end product, whether made using waterborne, solvent based, hot-melt or solvent-less UV curing technology.

Currently ICHEMCO develops, produces and markets all over the world:

Ready-to-coat Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (for Tapes, Labels, Lamination, Foams, Medical, all other applications)
Speciality chemicals
Products for the Printing of PSA tapes Consultancy Services and Laboratory Testing Equipment
Through our partner company IchTAC, we represent ChemInstruments in many European, Middle East and African countries.
  • Machines for testing the quality of PSA products: peel adhesion, shear, tack, and other.
  • Consultancy services for PSA applications

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