Technical data sheet

Tackwhite MT 30 P


TACKWHITE MT 30 P is a waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive, based on water dispersed synthetic/natural latices modified with resins and additives. TACKWHITE MT 30 P has excellent stability and ageing properties, even at temperatures around 50°C, and provides production of P.S.A. items with an optimal stability to ageing. Being based on natural latices, it yields a non transparent slightly yellowish film, that has a thermal resistance of 100°C.


TACKWHITE MT 30 P has been specifically designed for application on Kraft paper, to produce both masking and packaging tapes. However, it can be used also for other applications where a very good cohesion and excellent adhesion are required: insulating polyurethane, polyethylene, polyamidic foams, fabrics; synthetic and natural leather.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
1Total Solids% 52±2
8pHpH 8 - 10
 Solventswater / toluene
3Brookfield Viscosity 25°CmPa.s 
TACKWHITE MT 30 P (V)3,000 - 8,0001
TACKWHITE MT 30 P (V1)12,000 - 22,0002
TACKWHITE MT 30 P (V2)17,000 - 27,0003
TACKWHITE MT 30 P (V3)27,000 - 37,0003
TACKWHITE MT 30P2,000 - 5,0004
1N. 4 RV; 20 RPM
2N. 5 RV; 20 RPM
3No 6 RV; 20 RPM
4No 3 RV; 20 RPM

Film properties

Method of analysisMUStandard
10Peel Adhesion on Steel N/in 7
22Static Shearh > 50
125Loop TackN 7
Average values; 22±2 g/m² of dry adhesive on PET film 36 µm


The product is supplied in iron drums (200 kg); IBC containers (1000 kg).


Temperatures: between +5 and +40°C.

Use within 6 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).

Mod. DT3002ECreation date: 2/19/1996Revision: 11Revision date: 25 Jan 2024
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