Technical data sheet

Curing Agent CH


CURING AGENT CH is a liquid diisocyanate, designed to cross-link polyols (polyethers and polyesters), polyurethanes and elastomers (natural rubber, chloroprene, ...).


It cross-links polymers/elastomers used as coatings, adhesives, primers, paints, etc, increasing strength, cohesion, adhesion to substrates and chemical/physical resistance.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
3Brookfield Viscosity 25°CmPa.s 150 - 2701
18NCO Content% 30 - 32
1No 2 RV; 50 RPM


In solvent borne primers, add 3-9% of CURING AGENT CH referred to total solids.
In natural rubber (such as our TACKSOL series) or acrylic solvent borne adhesives, add 1-3% of CURING AGENT CH on the total solids of the adhesive.

Preferably pre-dilute CURING AGENT CH in solvents such as toluene or ethylacetate. Verify the compatibility of the solvent of the dilution with the product to crosslink. Add CURING AGENT CH to polymer/solution and properly stir to complete dissolution. Reaction starts immediately, so we recommend using the product immediately after the activation. The crosslinking mechanism depends on different parameters, such as adhesive concentration, amount of crosslinker, temperature. We suggest to check the curing conditions in advance, in order to avoid spoiling material.


The product is supplied in tins (3 kg); iron drums (10 kg); iron drums (250 kg); IBC containers (1250 kg).


Polyisocyanates react with water, including atmospheric moisture, forming carbon dioxide, which can cause excessive pressure in closed containers and form solid insoluble polyureas, which can block pipes, valves, etc.
CURING AGENT CH must be stored in well sealed original containers, at temperatures between 0°C and 30°C.
At higher temperatures, it can develop hazardous vapors. Opened drums must be protected from moisture penetration (use silica gel drying tube or nitrogen atmosphere systems).

Use within 6 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).


Specific gravity = 1.23 - 1.25 g/l
Acidity (as % HCl) < 0.1%

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