Technical data sheet

Antiox AHM EC


ANTIOX AHM-EC is a synergistic blend of various non-staining antioxidants, including primary phenolic stabilizers, thio-esters for the long term stability and phosphites for high temperature protection. The physical form of the components is primarily (but not completely) dusty in order to facilitate the dissolution / melting of the product. 


This formula has been designed to grant a wide spectrum protection either to hot-melt polymer systems or to polymer solutions. It can be used with adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, coatings, injection moulding or extrusion compounds.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
1Total Solids% 99±1
5Melting Range°C 60 - 100


For hot-melt adhesives, ANTIOX AHM-EC is very efficient at the following concentrations:

For solventborne adhesives, ANTIOX AHM-EC is very efficient at the following concentrations:

ANTIOX AHM-EC can be added directly to the compound, either together with other recipe ingredients, or predispersed into one of them, or dissolved (for solvent solutions).

In hot-melt continuos system (by extrusion process) it is advisable that a liquid component (like liquid rosin esters or naphtenic oil, etc.) is used to give some tack to the surface of granules, in order to have a fair distribution over the total mass.


The product is supplied in fibre drums (50 kg).


Product must be stored in a dry place to avoid agglomeration.

Use within 24 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).

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