Technical data sheet

Primer EPX-2 DRY


PRIMER EPX-2 DRY is a dry blend of various synthetic polymers, suitable to produce strong adhesion to PP film, either corona treated or without treatment, so to receive suitable inks.


PRIMER EPX-2 DRY has been developed for printing all types of PP adhesive tapes, whatever the production system used.
It is also suitable to improve the anchorage of PU coatings to PP films.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
1Total Solids% 99±1


PRIMER EPX-2 DRY should be dissolved at 3% TS into a blend of cyclohexane and toluene (60:40). Solution is initially made by pre-solubilizing the product in a small amount of solvent (approx. 20% solids), by fast stirring into a suitable mixer and then diluting to the desired TS value with the remaining amount of solvent. In order to avoid aromatic solvents, a blend of cyclohexane and octane (80:20 or 90:10) can be used.

It is important to note that, being EPX2 dry a heterogeneous product, the content of one single bag should be completely used up, without splitting its content into different batches.
The use in the subsequent printing process is described in our specific brochure "Flexographic printing".                                                


The product is packed in fibre drums, containing 5 kg PE bags.


Store in closed containers, protected from direct sunlight.

Use within 24 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).

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