Technical data sheet

Tackmelt 63 B


TACKMELT 63 B is a hot-melt adhesive based on thermoplastic elastomers (SIS) and synthetic resins.
Special synergic antioxidants are added to guarantee the best ageing resistance.
It has very good tack and peel adhesion and a moderate cohesion.


It can be used at medium-low temperatures to different products such as foams, synthetic leathers, fabrics, non-wovens and similar.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
4Softening Point, Ring & Ball°C 78 - 98
108Viscosity at 170°CmPa.s 2,500 - 10,0001
1Brookfield viscometer, No 27 RV

Film properties

Method of analysisMUStandard
10Peel Adhesion on Steel N/in 30
17Rolling Ball Tackcm 3
96S.A.F.T.1°C 78
125Loop TackN 32
1based on ASTM D4498-00
Average values; pilot plant coating at 4 m/min; 30±3 g/m² on PET film 23 µm, TCA-treated


TACKMELT 63 B must be heated at 150-170°C with a suitable heating equipment and kept at a set stable temperature while coating (temperature changes cause a variation of the viscosity and, consequently, of the processing condition).
The best coating system is slot-die.
The product has been designed to withstand high temperatures, but it is preferable to avoid thermal shocks.


The product is supplied in 150g pillows packed in cardboard boxes (20 kg); fibre drums (180 kg).


Keep the product at temperatures lower than +25°C. Avoid contact with dust and liquids. Keep far from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).


The product, once coated, is subject to oxidation from air and light and must be protected in order not to compromise its performance.

Shelf life of TACKMELT 63 B packed in pillows is 3 months. Shelf life of TACKMELT 63 B packed in fibre drums (180 kg) is 12 months.

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