Technical data sheet

Curing Agent W 10



CURING AGENT W 10 is a polyisocianate diluted in propylene carbonate.


CURING AGENT W 10 is a crosslinking agent, to be used in acrylic and polyurethanic dispersions. 

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
1Total Solids% 80±1
18NCO Content% 13 - 15
 Solventspropylene carbonate


CURING AGENT W 10 can be added directly to the dispersion, under stirring. It must be added just before application; the reaction starts immediately, so it is recommended to use the product just after activation. The crosslinking mechanism depends on different aspects as adhesive concentration, amount of crosslinker, temperature, so we suggest to check in advance the curing conditions, in order to avoid to spoil material.

The quantity depends on the desired final result.


The product is supplied in plastic tanks (10 kg).


Polyisocianates are very sensitive to moisture. Reaction with water can form solid insoluble polyureas, which can block pipes, valves, etc. CURING AGENT W 10 must be stored in well sealed original containers, at temperatures between +10 and + 30°C.

Use within 6 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).

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