Technical data sheet

Release KB 100 H


RELEASE KB 100 H is a synthetic polymer with high molecular weight in 100% solid powder form. When in solution, it is a very efficient release agent for polyolefins and substrates with low melting points (PE, PP, PVC, PET), coated with natural rubber, synthetic rubber, acrylic and hot melt adhesives.
The product is silicone free.


RELEASE KB 100 H can be used on corona treated as well as on untreated films. Concentration ranges from 0.3% solid to 2% solids, depending upon film, type, coating equipment and desired release force.
RELEASE KB 100 H is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic solvents at temperatures above 35°C. Recommended aromatic solvent is toluene, while for aliphatic solvent we recommend heptane / ethanol or octane / isopropyl alcohol at 3/1.

In order to achieve a continuous and homogenous coating, the RELEASE KB100 H must be completely dissolved and the solution must be clear and homogeneous.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
1Total Solids% 99±1
5Melting Range°C 100 - 110


Slowly add RELEASE KB 100 H to the solvent and stir continuously at a temperature between 35 and 50°C.
Handle with care, since the solvent is flammable.


The product is supplied in fibre drums (20 kg).


RELEASE KB 100 H in 100% solid form can be stored safely at any temperature below its melting point. In solution, it must be stored at temperatures not below 25°C to prevent gelification. In case of partial or total solidification, store the product in a heated place and stir it well at a temperature between 35°C to 50°C before use. The product will return as fluid as before.
Do not coat if liquid is not completely clear or if gelification occured.

Use within 24 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).


RELEASE KB 100 H may be used as a release agent at application rates up to 0.4 g/m2 in adhesive sealing tape for indirect food-contact applications. Ref. Opinion Letter of 03/07/2023 " FDA Status of ICHEMCO S.r.l.’s Release Agents ", Keller & Heckman LLP.

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