Technical data sheet

Antiox 1520 SE


ANTIOX 1520 SE is a multifunctional phenolic self emulsifiable antioxidant that provides a very effective thermal stabilization to adhesives, elastomers and related products. It is very stable to light and heat. It is non-staining.

4,6-bis(octylthiomethyl)-o-cresol (CAS 110553-27-0) is the active ingredient and it is formulated with suitable surfactants.


ANTIOX 1520 SE is recommended for emulsion and elastomer suspensions, such as BR, SBR, natural rubber, etc.
It protects the substrates against thermo-oxidative degradation during the production process and during the long-term heat ageing. If necessary, it can be used together with primary and/or secondary antioxidants, light stabilizers, etc.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
15Appearance Limpid yellow liquid


Thanks to its low viscosity, ANTIOX 1520 SE can either be added directly into a polymer latex or added to water, forming a pre-emulsion. Sit well before use. The quantity to be used depends upon the application, the substrate and the process.
Recommended quantity: 0.05-1%.


The product is supplied in plastic drums (50 kg); iron drums (200 kg).


Keep the product at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight and humidity. The product starts to become solid at temperatures lower than 10°C, it is sufficient to warm (35-40°C) and stir to restore its original state.

Use within 24 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).

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