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Color Ink WN



COLOR INK WN are water-based inks, recommended for flexographic printing of corona treated (minimum 38 dynes/cm) PP, PE films; paper and aluminum. They have good printability, excellent abrasion resistance and optimal anchorage.


COLOR INK WN are suitable for the under-printing ("sandwich" printing) of adhesive tapes with any type of adhesives (hot-melt, solvent or water based adhesives).


COLOR INK WN are ready for use and they usually don't need further dilution.
In case the viscosity should be too high, it is possible to add up to 10% of water or a blend of water/ethyl alcohol (to increase the evaporation speed). To decrease evaporation speed add 1-5% of RETARDER WN (Propylene glycol).
Suggested clichés: photopolymers resistant to water and alcohol or butylic rubber clichés. Hot air drying technology is the preferred system to achieve an optimal anchorage to the film. The ink must be completely dry before proceeding with the coating of the adhesive. It is suggested to wait at least 24 hours between printing and coating.
Do not let the inks dry on the cylinders, clean with water after each print. We recommend CLEANING SOLUTION WN to clean the printing machine components. To clean the Anilox rolls use also DILUENTE C NITRO (100% Ethyl Acetate).


25-200 kg drums, 500-1000 kg tank


Shelf-life is 6 months.
Store them at temperatures around 20°C.

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