Technical data sheet

Tacksol 10/88


TACKSOL 10/88 is a solvent pressure sensitive adhesive, based on natural rubber and special resins. It has excellent wetting properties on various substrates.


TACKSOL 10/88 can be applied on various substrates (paper, PET, PP, PE, PVC,...).
This product is recommended for the production of protective p.s. films and tapes. It is a soft product, designed for low coating weight applications.

Technical Specifications

Method of analysisMUStandard
1Total Solids% 32±1
3Brookfield Viscosity 25°CmPa.s 8,000 - 10,0001
1N. 5 RV; 20 RPM

Film properties

Method of analysisMUStandard
11Peel Adhesion on Steelg/in 1,700
17Rolling Ball Tackcm 3
Average values; 22±2 g/m² of dry adhesive on PET film 36 µm


TACKSOL 10/88 can be diluted with aliphatic and/or aromatic solvents to obtain the desired viscosity. When used for protective film production, it is necessary to cure the product with CURING AGENT D (0.2-1%). In this case, the pot-life of the adhesive is reduced, as crosslinking starts immediately after the addition of the curing agent.



The product is supplied in iron drums (145 kg).


Store at temperatures between +5 and + 40°C in well closed containers. Keep far from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months from production date (unopened and in the original packaging).

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